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About Us

Liquid Earth was created by two great friends of more than 25 years Deb Etherton & Elwyn Thompson. Deb has been passionate making products for her family and friends over the years, using just natural ingredients and her love for essential oils, and decided to turn that passion into a growing business. And so Liquid Earth was launched on 18 October 2013.

We endeavour to source the best quality, locally grown ingredients we can and enjoy creating and experimenting with our recipes. Our products are made in small batches to guarantee the integrity of freshness, we also infuse them with loving energy too, as we are both energy healers.

We do not use any chemicals, additives or preservatives, the less chemicals used helps our environment not to mention your body also. By using organic ingredients, the very process of this farming, gives back to the earth to keep it sustainable. We need to be responsible for the pollution chemicals causes, from the earth to the sea. Our products are also cruelty free, with no testing on innocent animals.

We like to keep our products moderately priced and highly concentrated, you seriously don’t need to spend a fortune on skincare. Your skin and body is far better off using clean and organic ingredients. We also enjoy travelling to various markets around Victoria to help grow our business.

Deb & Elwyn

Founders of Liquid Earth