Before doing any training or sporting event use the magnesium oil spray on your legs, arms and torso, doing this will keep your muscles supplied with magnesium and result in less cramping and injury.  Reapply after sport so that muscles can recover.  Leave on for approximately 20-30 minutes to reap full benefits.

The magnesium lotion is great to use on really sore or tender areas, like tight shoulders, knee pain, sore back and is great to apply immediately after a massage, it is light and readily absorbed and will enhance the effects of your massage.

Using between 30-40 pumps of magnesium oil gives approximately 500-600 mgs of magnesium, this is a daily allowance, especially for athletes who use more magnesium than those who have a more sedentary lifestyle. Topical magnesium will give you around 80% absorption through the skin and tissues and then into the bloodstream.  Oral doses vary significantly depending on the type of magnesium, absorption is anywhere from 4% to 35%, due to the digestive process.

Make your recovery easier with transdermal magnesium.