Household Uses for Essential Oils


Like it or not, homes can be full of bad smells, germs, and dirt. The first products people usually turn to are strong chemical solutions. These aren't particularly healthy, and can have unpleasant odors

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Do Essential Oils Really Work?


Creighton University Medical Center School of Medicine is out to determine if alternative therapies actually work. Aromatherapy has long been recognized for the treatment of minor ailments as well as the promotion of emotional

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How Essential Oils Are Used For Emotional Well-Being


Essential oils have been used for about one thousand years for all sorts of reasons. One of the key uses for essential oils has been for emotional healing. These preparations of plants are excellent

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What Are Essential Oils?


Maybe you have heard the term "essential oils" but didn't know what was meant by it. Perhaps you had a vague idea that it was connected in some way with aromatherapy, but didn't know

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How to Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy


Those who have used essential oils before becoming pregnant will probably want to use them during their pregnancy. Some people will want to try them for the first time while expecting. However, it's important

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Starting Your Essential Oils Collection


How do I know which essential oils are right for me? There are over 90 essential oils and each can have one or more (most times more) healing properties. Choices! Choices! That's a huge

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